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  • the others dimension and all 3 class, economic course is maintained basically last week the price. In view of American time American Department of Commerce will composite picnic table with benches announce those who oppose allowance tax on April 24 the outcome is decided first, at the appointed time prices is likely recrudesce billows.

    Malaysia beaverboard exports a state 2016, malaysia exports beaverboard 1, 036, 000 stere, compare 985 2015, 854 stere exit has growth. Export frontal respect, beaverboard replacing concrete steps with wood exported the specified number 2016 money of 1.183 billion horse. Exit beaverboard has 83% to be produced in Malaysia peninsula factory.

    According to the report, malaysia is evergreen beaverboard limited company (Evergreen Fibreboard Bhd) the main production business that is beaverboard. This company goal is weight limits for decking to enlarge beaverboard productivity, in addition, this company still plans to add a product line. Industry of timber of boreal new international becomes unit of director of alliance of strategy of innovation of technology of industry of national timber bamboo.