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  • furniture, in order to profit, and the use of empty outside, or paste the skin of the practice, even the raw materials have not been dried, so you prevent the defense. 2. Judge Kashiwagi furniture is smooth workmanship good quality, polished smooth, especially the appearance, grinding and paint treatment is very good, thick paint, feels very smooth, which is resistant to inferior products can not be achieved.

    3. Is to see whether the manufacturers are doing the furniture is a unique real furniture culture and adhere to advocate, but only the immediate interests of the manufacturers tend to have the trend of the trend. Of course, this aspect may require more understanding and professional vision to judge. In general, the weight of cedar furniture is significantly different from other materials, furniture, in the

    purchase, you can gently try to lift the furniture, to see if the cypress furniture. Kashiwagi furniture bright appearance, with a clear pattern, nice, with a strong texture. Compared with other furniture, cedar furniture is particularly ancient, the atmosphere. Concerns: Kashiwagi furniture value factors and Kashiwagi furniture purchase skills home introduced here, I hope to help everyone. To learn more furniture

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