rich friendly timber

  • Wen An county also is beginning to study the favourable policy that gives aid to plywood company transition develops, encourage company transition to upgrade. Industry of rich friendly timber, Lanshanlu fills wooden industry settle to make the same score garden of industry of industry of timber of city county high endfoam extrusion manufacturers Newcastle Came 17 days on April 13, bian Qiao town parts and Shandong Fu Youmu course of study Lanshanlu fills factory of plank of industry of timber of limited company,

    Ping Yiyong abundant, Linyi the 8 industries tack such as factory of wooden industry plank is made an appointment with. This is indicating 8 first businesses are official area of recycled plastic privacy fence garden of industry of industry of timber of high end of county of settle smooth city, implementation garden area enrols business make a good beginning. Contract investment achieves 3.6 billion yuan, cover an area of 1200 mus, annual produce can come true after company go into operation 5 billion yuan, profit tax 500 million yuan.

    "Our enterprise undertakes making an on-the-spot investigation on the spot in the beginning of garden area plans, became reality to use time of a few months merely from blue print,Anti-aging external wall coverings Denmark of efficiency tall we did not think of, with such governmental collaboration we are at ease. " the autograph makes an appointment with the spot,outside wpc deck