composite flooring originating

  • and France,amazon anti slip mats for decking the composite floor of the anti-dumping investigation, the origin of China's composite floor countervailing investigation, the products involved in the customs code for the 44111300.99,44111400.99 and 44119290. Canada border services The final ruling on the case, ruled that China's enterprises involved in the dumping of 0% to 9.7%,[url=]supplies for building a deck over my concrete steps[/url] the amount of subsidies for the 0 ~ 3.54 yuan / square meter. The Canadian International Trade Court issued a statement saying that on June 16, 2005, anti-dumping measures against composite flooring originating in China and France, anti-subsidy measures for composite flooring originating in

    China will be held on June 15,composite 2x4 boards 2010 On the date of expiry, according to the provisions of Canada's "Special Import Measures Act" (SIMA), before the expiration of the validity period, if no interested parties make sunrise review applications, industrial damage decisions involving products and anti-dumping and countervailing duties The measures will expire. The Canadian Border Service (CBSA) issued a public announcement announcing a re-investigation of anti-dumping and countervailing investigations on origin or export of composite wood flooring (including customs code: 4411.19.90.90).[url=]wood composite floor prices in sri lanka[/url] According to the ruling, in addition to CBSA

    specified 16 Chinese enterprises according to their respective normal value to determine the specific collection of anti-dumping duties (such as export prices beyond the normal value is not required),comfort deck veneer reviews the other Chinese enterprises to apply anti-dumping tax rate of 30% ; The subsidy is 0% to 3.65% and the weighted average subsidy is 3.54%. The subsidy of 15 Chinese companies indicated by CBSA is 0 or negligible (less than 2%).[url=]pvc floor covering philippines[/url] The case was first tied to CBSA's final ruling, ruled that China's products weighted average dumping margin of 7.8%, weighted average subsidy of 3%. The Canadian International Trade Court made a final ruling on