decoration Raiders.What are the factors

  • to a certain extent, to ensure that the final product to adapt to most families Of the relative temperature. However, with the temperature changes in the home, cedar furniture will continue to be with the air for water exchange, just like your skin, the wood is porous, encountered dry air will shrink due to moisture and some. Likewise, when the relative temperature rises, the wood will absorb enough moisture

    and slightly expand, but these slight natural changes will not affect the furniture's fixability and durability. 3. Expansion effect In a humid environment, the front of the cedar furniture will become difficult to open and close due to expansion. A simple solution is to apply wax or paraffin on the edge of the drawer and on the bottom slide. If the humidity continues to high for a long time, you can consider the use

    of dehumidifiers, when the air becomes dry, the drawer can naturally open and close. Second, Kashiwagi furniture, the purchase of skills 1. Amount, look, knocking cedar furniture material to see if it is real material can be through the amount, see, knock and other methods to understand the thickness of its material and whether it is cypress Production. In particular, some of the poor texture of cedar

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