relevant departments also launched

  • Hainan Provincial Forestry Bureau Director Guan Jinping said, 'Eleventh Five-Year' period, Hainan forest tourism has been fully developed, the province has built forest parks and forest ecological scenic spots 35, through the forest eco-tourism tourists 700,000 passengers, to achieve Tourism income of 500 million yuan.

    At the same time, the relevant departments also launched the 'Hainan tropical forest eco-tourism development plan' of the preparation work for the construction of Hainan Forest Park and the development of forest tourism to create a favorable policy environment.

    Hainan as a characteristic industry, Hainan flower industry has also grown. Haikou and Sanya, respectively, the construction of the national flower fresh leaves production demonstration base 'and' national tropical orchid production demonstration base ',' Hainan Flower World 'has been completed in Haikou;

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