into five categories. We early to the original

  • smooth, to protect the furniture glossy, make it bright and lasting. How to identify the quality of teak furniture, see below. 1, natural forest or planting forest natural forest teak long growing cycle, oily foot, high density, golden color, forming at least 50 years, the general 70-year-old teak diameter, but 40, available heartwood, but 35 cm or so ,expensive. The price of logs is also in the range of ten thousand

    yuan or more (50 years). Heartwood equivalent to at least 20,000 yuan. After arriving in China, at least 30,000 cubic meters. Planting forest teak growth cycle is short, oily small, low density, pale color, become fast, generally 10-20 years or so. 20 year old teak can generally reach 50 years old teak diameter 30-35 cm. 10 year old teak is generally less than 20 cm in diameter. The price of logs is cheap in

    origin. 10 years old little teak no more than 2 thousand. 20 years old little teak no more than 4 thousand. Generally do not distinguish between heart and sapwood. After shipping to China, the price is about 8 thousand cubic meters. Second, the way of furniture, teak furniture, good and bad. Market price of a suite from 30,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan range, customers can not read, the sales staff

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