the more with the more smooth teak furniture

  • composition of the natural texture of thousands of different ways. 4, high oil content, the more with the more smooth teak furniture surface is very delicate and smooth, is this kind of grease in the protection of the furniture glossy, make it bright and lasting. At the same time it is this layer of teak oil exudes fragrance so many insects can not close. Southeast Asia is very wet, a lot of insects, with teak furniture

    can avoid a lot of trouble. Teak outside the layer of grease shiny and will not fade with time, on the contrary makes teak furniture more and more bright, water care from teak furniture is also particularly convenient. Domestic sales of teak furniture, there is a layer of plant paint, used to protect its oil, play a bright role. 5, more golden yellow teak furniture is more amazing is that its smooth surface color is

    made through the oxidation of photosynthesis golden yellow, the color will be more beautiful with the extension of time. 6, the smell is refreshing, refreshing, its special fragrance in the brain system of the elderly have a good effect. 7, the growth cycle of long teak is precious, in the natural environment, from growth to become at least more than 50 years, the best origin of each mu and only 1 to 5 trees. And

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