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  • house decoration raiders.What are the wooden material, wooden doors of the color how to choose? Made of walnut, cherry, pine, elm. The color of the wooden door should be in harmony with the room, contrast with the color of the wall, close to the furniture color, and keep in harmony with the living style. Here and small to see the wood door material and color choice.     a wooden material,

    which 1, walnut walnut mainly produced in North America and Europe, also made in China, but the color is shallow, poor wood, walnut mainly consists of black walnut and red walnut, black walnut color was light brown purplish, red walnut color is warm stability. In 2, Chebbi Lisa Billy produced mainly from Africa, wood staggered, sometimes with wavy texture, high gloss; sapwood heartwood pale yellow,

    pale red or dark brown. 3, cherry cherry mainly produced in North America, from deep red to reddish brown heartwood, texture straight, narrow Brown pith plaques and small tree capsule fine lines, delicate texture. 4, other wood color and pine sapwood pale yellow, reddish yellow core material penetration; white pine, sapwood and core material of color difference is, a white or pale yellow; sapwood

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