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  • complete the installation of steel wood interior door is put into use, and no pollution residue.     conclusion: the above is the characteristics of house for steel wood interior door introduce what is, we want to help. More windows knowledge, welcome to continue reading house decoration raiders.What are the classifications of steel and wood interior doors? What are the standards? Steel and wood

    furniture are classified according to their classification and classification. The standard of steel wood door is mainly from door leaf, wood selection, door cover and so on. Steel and wood door classification and standard details, please read below.     a steel wood interior door 1. according to the classification of open mode according to the opening mode can be divided into open, push and pull

    three flat, the flat open steel wood interior door door leaf can be divided into a clockwise direction from the inside to the outside, clockwise from outside Neiguan, counterclockwise by within the Waiguan, counterclockwise from the outside to inside. 2., according to the finishing material, according to the different finishes, can be divided into paint steel plate, plastic plate, wood veneer veneer. The dimension of

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