flooring industry development

  • production base directly in Greenland Wood in Henglin and has reached a registered capital of US $ 9.36 million with Lvcang and 50% of the joint projects.build curved bench seating Henglin foreign trade export trend is all the way triumphant, every day around the world foreign businessmen in Henglin to discuss foreign trade business. Especially in Canada on China's flooring "anti-dumping, countervailing, anti-damage" since the investigation,[url=http://decksuppliers.com/diy-decking/4638.html]what to use on an open porch floor[/url] the cross-forest floor in the "anti-industry damage" response has become the main force in the country, in front of international dealers to establish a high sense of responsibility The good image, but also strengthened the foreign

    businessmen in the Henglin procurement confidence. According to statistics, with the population growth brought about by the increase in new residential area,deck platform landscape China in the next 5 years, will produce about 300 million square meters of the floor market demand,[url=http://deckingwholesale.com/wpc-deck/5595.html]wpc exterior cladding[/url] which for the cross-Lin floor has brought a golden opportunity for development The To this end, Henglin people determined to build "China's laminate flooring capital" as the carrier, the Henglin town into an important international production of wood flooring production, sales and technology innovation center. Henglin will gradually establish a domestic first-class, the international advanced

    flooring industry theme park, through industrial intensive, industry characteristics, and strive to make the floor industry and modern new industrial road perfect combination,the decking walkway so that the floor theme park to become cross-forest floor boutique, Incubator ", a full participation in international competition," booster. " At the same time, to break the "big industry, small business" the traditional shortcomings,[url=http://deckingwholesale.com/pvc-fence/628.html]wood composite philippines[/url] through government support, the association guide to improve the scale of production enterprises, and strive in the next 2-3 years, with an annual output of 10 million square meters of enterprises to 3-5, With an annual output of 5 million square meters