port intercepts and capture

  • Whole nation of yellow Bu port intercepts and capture pest of two kinds of important and ab extra lumber first Recently, huang Bu examines quarantine bureau is undertaking probation a process Plastic Floor Mat For Under The Grill to entering condition log in, weigh tine iron line from what come from Surinam respectively child the didymous Gu Yi of wooden log and Mozambique intercepts and capture long-corn of two kinds of live body in brazilwood log.

    Via sending Huang Bu to examine appraisal of quarantine bureau lab and Guangdong examine check of quarantine technology center, two kinds of long-corn are long-corn of broach scale scabbard and Composite Wood Floor Suppliers long-corn of coronal spot oak respectively. Via inquiring relevant data and database, affirm two kinds of long-corn all did not distributing in our country,

    it is our country port is intercepted and capture first. Best Wood Filler For Outdoor Decking Current, huang Bu examines quarantine bureau already pressed relevant provision to undertake to two batches of goods harm manages dividing. According to introducing, long-corn of broach scale scabbard, for long-corn of rhinoceros of subfamily of long-corn division long-corn long-corn of scabbard of a group of things with common features scale belongs to the insect,Cheap Wpc Deck Wholesale