accept devoted production

  • Environmental protection complete checks and accept formalities complete. Whether is the enterprise put in pollution to administer establishment to check and accept devoted production without environmental protection branch. Manufacturing workshop: Exceed or acid of raw material experience, alkaline, etc is easy whether antiskid wpc decking board diy floor does caustic workshop ground do anticorrosive processing, undertake maintaining regularly. Whether does manufacturing process occur run risk a leakage spot.

    Examination blowdown licence explain get, blowdown is declared carry out, blowdown cost pay is carried out Note: [each pollution and examination of processing circumstance spot] the enterprise does not have relevant blowdown link (if do not have link to be affected to groundwater,wait) , can not check. Environmental protection handrail design for wooden stairways outdoors is censorial execute the law to basically examine these a few aspects to business scene: 1, the enterprise cannot have obstruct environment censorial Judicatory of two high environmental protection explains: The 4th,

    executive criminal law the 338th, the criminality of the 339th regulation, have one of following state, ought to from heavy punishment: Obstruct environment supervises an examination to perhaps break out environmental incident investigation, still do not make the crime such as obstructive official business; 2, deck vs balcony problem of company environmental protection is complained The masses that receives according to the branch such as various environmental protection will nod an incoming letter to complain relevant enterprise or business the environmental protection problem of the unit is complained.