a leisurely home life attitude

  • Many people live in the villa is a leisurely home life attitude, in order to make home life look natural and leisure, they like to choose a large number of solid wood furniture and antique tiles, to create a natural, pastoral sense of the room space. Because they do not often eat at home, or a nanny to cook, so their kitchen space also adhering to the style of thermal lite flooring for sale the entire home features, not just the pursuit of practical features, more is to appreciate. Tile veneer kitchen cabinets just to meet the needs of this part of the people.

    Such as antique tiles made of kitchen cabinets, cabinet surface and table paste 11.5 × 11.5cm specifications of the antique tiles, drawers, door panels used by the old processing of oak, cherry, walnut and other villas decorated commonly used wood, according to the owner's preferences , Or dark, or light; or cross-cutting, or vertical texture and texture, and tones with tiles together, rough but yet taste; atmosphere eco wood plastic terrace railings price United Kingdom and cordial nature, and very cultural heritage.

    Taking into account the tiles directly to the wooden stick on the sticky, may be sticky is not reliable, so often with cement mortar directly into a frame, and then paste the tiles to the top. If you do the kitchen cabinet, you can first apply the surface of cement mortar, enhance the adsorption capacity of tiles, and then stick to the Cheap Ways for Backyard flooring Malaysia top of the tile, of course, the whole process to pay attention, we must stick the tiles. In the process, the kitchen designer should also be targeted at the workers on-site construction progress Cengcengbaguan. Such as the villa, the hook will generally stay three to five; brick and brick between the cracks with coarse sand to hook, it can show the natural feeling, style and so uniform and so on. In this kind of material in the kitchen, hand-painted tiles often play the role of finishing touch, if that whole body color of the antique brick is monotonous, you can hand-painted tiles, or jump color fence post on block wall tiles in other parts to make some jump pattern Tap to activate the entire space.