method can be divided into two kinds

  • made above. The above content is to introduce you to the small house decoration wood to buy small knowledge, I hope to help you, if you want to know more knowledge of wood, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Now the building materials furniture market, the category of counterfeit and uneven in quality, the majority of consumers and emerge in an endless stream, there is not enough professional knowledge to distinguish between true

    and false, often deceived, playing small finishing some knowledge to help you choose to buy wooden doors, wooden doors, real good. 1, pay attention to brand. Through online access, understand the brand strength and quality from the site; to select national brands, prevent local small workshop production of shoddy products; to learn from friends or used by people. 2, determine the price range. According to their actual conditions, live within one's means, do not

    deliberately pursue high prices; follow the law of prices: cheap is not necessarily bad, but expensive is not necessarily good; 3, check service. From some local websites to the local use of services; select the national formal brands, have their own factories, rather than OEM products. 4, observation process. Look at the surface treatment, hand feel smooth lubrication; pay attention to detail processing, to see if the surface has drum bag, etc.. 5, pay attention to the

    construction details on composite wood decks
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