order to seek its unity

  • you, after the installation, the edge of the glue must be clean and clean and clean, so beautiful and safe. 3. The shape of the main line of the interior design is the extension of the building and development, because the current housing structure to the majority of straight lines, so the internal design in order to seek its unity and coordination, the use of straight lines as

    design symbols; Its own pure, will not particularly cause a long attention to the visual, but also gives a quiet, fun, straightforward feeling. 4. Minimize the use of small pieces of material in small space, especially the kitchen and bathroom, relative to other space is more limited, more crowded, then it is best not to use too small size of the tile or mosaic, this will increase

    the sideline, Dazzling feeling, invariably narrow the sense of space; instead of the choice of tempered glass or epoxy paint decorative wall, a sense of cleanliness, crisp, transparent; top can choose waterproof gypsum board plus waterproof paint, to strengthen and the whole of the ground Coordination role, highlighting the expansion of the surface. 5. the top of the

    the floor of the fence flat noodles
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