wooden floor stability

  • paint film adherent force, bibulous ply expands intensity of agglutination of rate, surface, formaldehyde releases a quantity to wait. Intensity of agglutination of for example surface, it is to point to the agglutination intensity between paper of film of surface layer glue and base material surface, if exterior agglutination synthetic teak decking marine australia intensity slants small, will cannot close effectively in-house base material, make its are exposed directly at air, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp,

    affect the stability of base material, lower the service life of wooden floor, meet those who accelerate formaldehyde release rate at the same time. Selective examination the result 8 composite bender board is favorable, but also should warn a citizen, does when floor of wood of choose and buy need notice: ? ⒈ of violet skirt cut down bright amuse light secretly bite

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