compare common glue

  • "Pi state city has two 3000 plate company, convert soja albumen glue, need not change original production facilities, need not change manufacturing technology, this is first-rate. buy tongue and groove boards deck for porch I just let a few colleagues calculate, the finished product price that you a moment ago said, compare common glue sticky agent only slightly tall a bit, do not calculate tall, but product quality had huge to span however.

    "Although Xu Yongzhen took a driver to make an on-the-spot investigation on the spot in Linyi only, but there are several people to waiting to provide data support to him in hour in the town, park outdoor planter box he a moment ago talked about small letter, it is with rear colleague the benefit of computational product is mixed discuss project feasibility.

    Xu Yongzhen still tells a reporter, swallow port town is located in Sulu to pleased 4 provinces hand in Anhui collect place, 4 big board of countrywide produce base, this town is mixed in Linyi Pi city among two base, and from the He that has numerous plank to produce a business lustre city is mixed old change city wholesale composite plantation shutters is very close also, if glue of this soja albumen produces an item can settle over there them, suit very much from the point of each side dominant position.