certainly be significantly higher

  • For these Rangli activities, are buying the floor of several people say different. Ms. Zhang said that "the sheep out of the body of the sheep," would rather not give gifts, the price discount to lower affordable; public back to the reporter told reporters that this month he noticed a brand floor and found the brand floor "

    "The price discount is really low tens of dollars, plus gifts is not the business of" eye-catching method. " According to industry analysis, this year, due to return home Anshan more high-end flooring sales are not optimistic, so Anshan floor market has not risen up. And "51" during the promotion of the floor,

    but also for the inventory of goods. Once the discount flooring finished, the price will certainly be significantly higher. Therefore, the purchase needs of customers, should seize the opportunity to buy early. Ruijia floor Yuan Yide: during the Olympic Games may be more usual in our interview during the interview,

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