to commemorate the tree activities

  • at the same time, from the Jinan nature of the floor, the United States Dia floor of the majority of users, the community enthusiasts and other 12 brands are also actively participate in the donation to commemorate the tree activities. Last year this season, the nature of the floor successfully held the first tree planting activities,

    has been a positive response from all walks of life, and to the community issued a "every citizen kind of a tree, each enterprise made a forest, Jinan into Forest in the city "initiative, held this year is the second response to last year's initiative, continue to contribute to the Spring City, a force,

    it is learned that they will be held next year, the third section of tree planting activities, there will be more Of the brand and business to join in, there are more consumers and enthusiastic people from all walks of life to join in, together with the Jinan dress even better. Macro resistant floor four - May promotion program First,

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