low frequency of domestic

  • current competition situation, other company wants to be broken through alone big inferior the outstanding achievement that emperor resembles is more difficult. Big inferior wood polymer composite pallet the brand force that emperor resembles is to having industry competitor already cannot the force of compare, new portion meets the market that enters a business be gobbled up very quickly,

    no less than Suofeiyabu bureau floor, already defeated 2015, the precipitation of the brand is the enterprise is accumulated for years, of course at consumer character is character perfect tongue groove gardening addition white solid wpc deck more assure, low frequency of domestic outfit consumption, unit price is high more magnified the action of the brand.

    And the condition of supply exceeds demand of wooden floor trade closes from the battalion of afore-mentioned enterprises fluctuant also can judge just a little, estate market is indoor swimming pools contractive 2015, outstanding achievement of wooden floor enterprise is affected. And, the process is decorated in consumer in, the sitting room of applied bureau be confined to of wooden floor, bedroom, and kitchen, toilet because functional reason is unsuited laid wood floor.