flooring manufacturing industry quickly

  • more than 150 million square meters, the products are exported to 85 countries and regions, the domestic market share for 3 consecutive years ranked more than 40% ... ...wooden bench slats replacement no vast forest Henglin has been from the China Forest Products Industry Association in the hands of "holding" the top characteristics of the economic zone "laurel", "welcomed by the" to become "the market," the world's largest production and sales base of laminate flooring;[url=http://wpcdecks.com/wall-panel/751.html]is plastic decks the same as composite decks mexico[/url] China's laminate flooring capital "... ... only 7 years, Henglin in China's flooring manufacturing industry quickly" fame ", become the focus of attention of the industry, China Forest Products Industry

    Association Zhang Senlin will be called" Henglin phenomenon " A resource relative to the "poor" areas, in a relatively short period of time to achieve a high degree of industrial clustering,composite decking for swimming pools the greatest extent in the market competition reflects the regional characteristics of the economy cluster advantage. This is an interesting phenomenon: a place name contains three "wood" word of the Millennium town, but it is a beautiful water,[url=http://wpcdecks.com/wall-panel/5754.html]plastic decking anti slip[/url] but with the wood for no reason, that is, this forestry resources scarce Jiangnan town, in the short A few years ago the book on a Chinese forest industry industry legend. Henglin was originally a nationally famous computer

    console production base. In 1999, with a keen market insight and rich experience in the cross-Lin people take full advantage of the original market sales network advantages,faux cabin walls for sale began to try to strengthen the wood floor production. Changzhou City, Lee Lee Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. in the local first to strengthen the production of laminate flooring equipment, when the town has done two companies, the introduction of two pressure paste machine and five slotted lines,[url=http://wpcchinawholesale.com/wall-panel/6297.html]waterproof outdoor deck materials malaysia[/url] the annual output of 100,000 square meters , Products in short supply. "First to eat crabs" success, many private enterprises have cross-Lin "follow-up." In the next six