environmental protection of plank

  • Mr Wang place says customer of no less than, why businessman adduce the environmental protection of plank monitors a report, can arrived in the home or you have not the flavour of environmental protection? Plank environmental protection, after all whether delegate furniture environmental protection? To this, xu Guozhong of cost per lineal foot composite deck railing president of company of grain of inspect of 1 million home gave out the answer. In fact, plank, furniture and indoor empty temperament are measured, corresponding move detects differently means and standard.

    Not fathomless, the plank of particular area may accord with environmental protection standard, and use board in great quantities when a furniture, exceed bid with respect to what create the index such as formaldehyde, TVOC likely; Farther and character, if be with the space of 100 square metre exemple, a formaldehyde of pvc wall panel ceiling egypt hand size releases the plank that exceeds bid, can not produce too big effect to air actually. And if be inside the space of 30 square metre,made many chest, furniture, so although use again good board,

    what also may produce formaldehyde to exceed bid to whole space is sequential. In the meantime, discover not hard also from inside corresponding standard, be aimed at at plank true size of deck board " GB 18580-2001 " standard, its release 1.5mg/L of ≤ of E1 of set limit to to formaldehyde, and detect to indoor environment in the needle " GB-T18883 of standard of indoor air quality " in, of formaldehyde release set limit to to be 0.10mg/m3, detect differently means and unit of measurement,