divided into for water and oil

  • wood, that in fact we are many owners do not know this is why, today I will introduce what is a kind of wood paint! For resin paint wood products, polyester, polyurethane paint, can be divided into for water and oil. According to its gloss can be divided into high light, matte, semi matte. According to its use can be divided into furniture paint, floor paint, etc.. According to its function can be divided into yellow change, yellow resistance and so on. By their nature

    can be divided into single, double and three component. Features: 1. phenolic paint drying fast, high hardness, water resistance and wear resistance, but more brittle, easy to yellowing. 2. nitro paint, that is wax grams, dry fast, hard film, abrasion resistance and clear grain, but poor paint film fullness. 3. alcohol ester paint, easy construction, strong adhesion, bright and plump, often used in doors and windows, railings and other outdoor wood products, iron and

    steel structure finishing. But its coating is soft, water resistance is poor, it is not suitable for floor, desktop. 4. unsaturated polyester paint advantage is good fullness, drying speed, suitable for industrial assembly line production. 5. polyurethane ester paint has excellent hardness, toughness and wear resistance, and decorative, but containing TDI. The above content is to introduce you to the small house, I hope to help you, if you want to knowSolid wood

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