entrance lumber in superintending

  • amount to amounts to 20 million into log, these log all should be accepted examine of quarantine personnel chase a root to examine, once discover volume lack or quality, tree is planted,not agree with wait for a problem, examine quarantine branch will issue certification to deal with compensate of settlement of exchange, modular basement flooring manage for buyer. Up to this year in June, come nearly 5 years this bureau already accumulative total check gives volume lack 1 million square,

    quality nots agree with 300 thousand, issue certification claim for compensation of success of company of 3000 more than portion, help 150 million dollar. Too the storehouse roof top decks home plans examines Huang Wei country introduces expert of feet of check of quarantine bureau lumber: "Too the lumber with so old warehouse imports an amount,

    run to make sure haven is normal, everyday shipment volume should be in at least above of 20 thousand stere, can say, our work efficiency and shipment rate are direct and relevant, and working quality is being restricted directly external the effect that thought fors the time being. And working quality is being restricted decks rite systems price exsisting decks directly external the effect that thought fors the time being.. For this, too the storehouse examines quarantine bureau examines in entrance lumber in superintending,