hedgehog rosewood

  • At present Guangdong market goes the hedgehog rosewood of the market source Nigeria with faster money, 170-180 / ark signs up for 4500-4600 yuan / ton, producing area the price signs up for composite wood outdoor benches Dalaba 6500-6800 yuan / ton, 80-90 of producing area Ghana / ark signs up for 550-5600 yuan / ton. Smooth. Mozambique lumber is sealed because of producing area concern an effect,

    at present home market price still is in higher position. New money of plank of red expensive treasure signs up for 4200 yuan / ton, secondhand goods signs up for 3200 yuan / ton, price vinyl composite floor decking log signs up for 4800 yuan / ton; Chen Guibao signs up for 4200-4500 yuan / ton; skin ash signs up for 4700-4800 yuan / ton black yellow wingceltis signs up for;

    East Africa 4500-6500 yuan / ton. Additional, disclose according to latest news, 2014 by Lu of sri lanka distrain near future of black yellow wingceltis will garrison China through best wood deck materials on sale means the market, predict to be the fastest by June will handled endangered card, will produce certain effect to home market at the appointed time.