solid wood composite price

  • Of the multi-layer solid wood, claiming to be able to polish N times, but because he is peeling or slicing the skin, once polished easily cracked, to dispel the idea of ??it Multi-layer solid wood composite price is generally between 100 to 130 yuan, there may be cheap, the import of multi-layer solid wood more expensive,

    the majority of Japanese products, small Japanese resources are too poor, the floor surface is 0.6mm, Japan Artificial and expensive, the floor price is naturally higher, but the problem he produced is wide and wide board, pavement waste, and mostly oak dyeing, I do not know is not the Japanese invasion of China from the northeast to grab the wood to do.

    3, solid wood flooring, solid wood flooring prices on the market has been low enough, just pay attention to me in front of a few on the paint, slot, specifications and several other basic purchase no big problem, but the purchase of light-colored floor to be careful, light-colored floor There are many varieties of wood material instability,

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