home decoration all the materials

  • has taken into account the impact on human health factors, so as long as the choice of products in line with environmental standards can be completely. If you must choose E0 floor, it must be noted that home decoration all the materials, such as: furniture, doors, paint, etc. must also be E0, otherwise, only E0 floor of the floor is not the overall environmental contribution to the family of.

    E0 is Japan JISA5908 substrate standard, it requires formaldehyde emission �� 0.5mg / L. Detection, due to temperature, humidity, location, the operator and other factors, the test results will have a certain normal deviation, so as a consumer, do not fall into the manufacturers of digital games.

    At the same time need to be reminded that the purchase must be clear formaldehyde emission is only one of the important indicators to strengthen the flooring, is not the only product standards, but also should consider other indicators. According to customs latest statistics, in January China's imports of 334.2 million cubic meters of logs, up 43.7% over the same period last year;

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