floor tiles

  • It is understood that in recent weekends, there are a lot of public active in every size building materials market, start to buy building materials for home decoration.However, for the building of building materials market, there are experts in the industry to remind the general public to choose the building materials.

    Be sure that the goods are more cautious than three, so as not to be deceived by some of the bad building materials merchants.For this reason, the industry experts also pointed out that bad merchants set up several traps to deceive consumers, so as to avoid being cheated.

    Trap 1: ceramic tile replacement grade a chiseler not long ago, Ms. Wang bought more than 60 square meters of ceramic floor tiles in a building material wholesale market in Baiyun district.The business promises its products as classy article.After the cargo came home, Ms. Wang did not immediately open the packaging carefully.

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