limited company president

  • trading other one party -- Mozambique Hua Dian is industrial Cai Feng of limited company president flower say, after all later even long-term deal, credit is premise. Cai Feng flower is Fujian person, also be the first woman that does lumber business to Africa. Although already many years old 60, but her spirit is hale and hearty,wood composite floor structural lumber conversation works enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood.

    Speak of the become attached to with wood, plastic garden wall panel buildings tirelessly of Cai Feng flower and talk. 2005, should Taiwan friend invites, cai Feng flower pursues wood trade to Mozambique. At that time Chinese of the neither one there, family objects stoutly, but the Cai Feng that sees business chance flower the decision goes out wrestle.

    After-thought that paragraph of years, cai Feng flower says " very hard, tasted joys and sorrows of life " . Among them the bitterest is utterance is illogical, wholesome condition is poor. interlock tile for condo balcony or patio Go all out through hitting nevertheless, nowadays, cai Feng flower already had 3 companies in Mozambique, basically be engaged in exporting Mozambique lumber to go to China the market.