full of opportunities for the times

  • is a cross knife jump horse fierce battle rivers and lakes of the times, Ebb Tide, wading beach water: raw material prices, the appreciation of the renminbi, the national real estate policy control, floor lock 337 problems. But this is a full of opportunities for the times, there is the ambition may be unified rivers and lakes,

    "sea cross flow, Fang Xian hero character", 2006, Whirlpool floor sales bucked the market, as the industry is one of the few positive growth, Seoul is the result of the Whirlpool together, courageously forward fruit. 2007 Whirlpool people need to, as always, wind and rain concentric, stormy counterparts, towards the more distant front.

    Harmony and win-win - Whirlpool blood in the superior gene achievement harmony, to achieve win-win situation. Stable genes: Whale steady pace of development, innovative business model, as well as the confidence from the Whirlpool and the support of the community, to promote the Whirlpool steadily forward, 2007 Whirlpool trust harmony, steady win-win situation. Culture of the gene.

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