China's furniture manufacturing enterprises up 25%

  • "City, the pattern of changes in the property market, will bring changes in the pattern of the home industry.Not only the format of the industry, shopping patterns are also changing." Members of the real estate director Chen pointed out that Zhuhai traditional household industry is generally concentrated in the urban area,easy to carry beach chair With the Red Star Macalline, actually home and other well-known enterprises settled on the plate, the future is likely to make the plate gradually developed into a leading building materials enterprises, driven other regions. "Suburbanization of building materials industry is the main trend, and now on the red, with the completion of a number of real estate projects delivered, has become a city of Zhuhai, a densely populated area, so the pattern of home industry is also changing.

    "Recently, the rapid increase in home sales in Zhuhai, must be based on the increase in household consumption capacity.This is Zhuhai and neighboring cities in the past, the precipitation of consumer data and the industry's inevitable results for the future market forecast.With the increase in brand business,cheap 6 seater dining table sets for home consumption Industry segmentation will become more and more obvious. "Zhuhai World State Group Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Su Haiquan told the Southern Reporter, Zhuhai's home industry in product quality, production technology, consumer channels, design, etc., has made considerable progress; Furniture industry brand building is experiencing from low to high level of development, from rational to emotional changes, while the development is in depth, this depth of development is reflected in the emphasis on sales of products to pay attention to services, from the image to do the culture, from the Brand awareness to improve brand awareness and so on, the industry itself has also led to changes in the rational choice of brand furniture brand.

    "Zhuhai home furnishings change is an inevitable trend." Zhuhai home building materials decoration Association Zheng Shuling told the Southern Reporter, local home brands such as Shi Bang home, beautiful building materials, etc., to the traditional business model in operation, more adaptable to localized consumption Habits and patterns. New brands such as the star Meikailong and actually home, more is a national chain-oriented business-oriented, the face of the audience is not exactly the same. "Of course, Zhuhai itself is an immigrant,mahogany dining chairs buy coupon tourist city, localization of the customer is not particularly obvious, with the neighboring Macau, relatively speaking, even if the local home of Zhuhai business super, still use the international vision of the positioning and management of business Model, on this basis, to join more national and even international home business super in Zhuhai, presumably in the comprehensive services, joint marketing, etc. have more obvious changes.