Solid surface

  • Solid surface of artificial stone is mainly composed of resin and filler, filler according to product type, use, nature of the total amount of about 80% - 55% of the total, (special species out of the column), the conventional best wood for swimming pool deck products are mainly used hydroxide Aluminum, aluminum hydroxide is a kind of odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white powder, molecules containing crystal water, widely used in printing and dyeing agents, water purifying agent, etc., in the artificial stone is filler and flame retardant, Because of its high refractive index, can make jade translucent texture of artificial stone.

    These two types of filler can meet the ordinary artificial stone production, filler in the artificial stone is not a chemical reaction, mainly from the increase in engineered decking gold coast cost Hedmark product strength, volume and weight, reduce costs and produce stone texture.

    In addition, such as talc, gypsum powder, fly ash, a class of filler is not suitable for artificial stone filler. In addition there are a variety of coloring agents, divided into inorganic pigments, organic dyes and their production of polyester color paste, without grinding made of dry powder powder dyestuff is not suitable for direct coloring, color dyes are heirloom stair and railings also different Performance and price, but also must be used according to product use of different performance materials for colorants, which is the key. Key three: theory and formula with a good equipment, qualified materials, to make a good product, the understanding of Wood Plastic Tongue Groove Decking - Seven Trust the curing mechanism of the product directly related to the scientific formula and product quality is good or bad.