create a new concept of floor consumption

  • but also in its own performance and the details of the implementation of enough to do, so that this superior culture in the future operation of the brand market to carry forward Wide! Yongji floor and Ni Ping work together to create a new concept of floor consumption has been the former CCTV host Ni Ping to elegant, stable, humble image for the majority of the audience favorite.

    September 28, 2005, Ni Ping Ying Yongji floor invited to serve as the voice of Yongji floor, spokesperson, so "choose Yongji, noble life" as Ni Ping's voice has become the voice of the vast number of consumers. As in front of the public with a good reputation of the "big sister", its endorsement Yongji floor, what kind of story?

    Ni Ping and Yongji floor edge, due to a chance, but the ultimate success of Yongji is its tireless efforts and sincere trust. In 2004 she went to Zhejiang Nanxun town tour, Jiangnan Water Town, a strong human style touched her at the same time located in the Taihu Lake side of the production base of Yongji floor reputation also left a deep impression on her.

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