key of raw material

  • Furniture is used fast task of research of technology of key of raw material modified guides a group to be finished jointly by Professor Li Jianzhang. They use compound modified technology in research, captured even macerate reachs log high temperature hot pressing is fast and dry wait for crucial technology difficult problem, using composite siding indoors solved modified material craze, warp, be out of shape wait for a problem.

    Li Jianzhang group still uses small emulsification technology, development goes even, stable latex organic and anticorrosive mould inhibitor, captured osmotic difference and anti-current Cheap Price Eco Friendly Wood Plastic Composite Wall Cladding break antiseptic the problem with poor sex, solved fast raw material is perishable the difficult problem that decayed mildew changes. Research group is used at the same time local enhance a technology, raised modified fast component of raw material timberwork is mechanical function, advantages wpc integrated housing built modified fast method of sampling of raw material VOC, detect method and method of qualitative and quantitative analysis.

    Rare wood new technology wait in order to realize Yang Mu fast the high additional cost of raw material is used for the target, use small blow up the technology captured wood is osmotic difference, no pollution hollow composite decking endcaps dry efficiency is low problem, can raise lumber osmotic, dry rate 30% above, expanded fast limits of application laying capable person,