floor production

  • The high price of the floor also scared off a lot of consumers, and a gentleman who was buying the floor was knocking on his calculator, saying,My new house is 150 m2, and if all of them buy solid wood floors, it costs up to $5, 60000, and it is a bit reluctant to do so.

    A specialist in quality supervision department said that many people now decorate their new homes to use solid wood floors, but they feel it is environmentally friendly except for their high grade.In fact, this view is not correct.Because some famous brands of composite floor processing precision is very high, the effect after laying is better than the solid wood floor.

    The raw material is tight, profit space is decreasing gradually,.Fine decoration of real estate …. many factors make the solid wood floor production in 2005 have to choose to slim down.Companies start putting eggs in different baskets to maximize their profits and reduce risk.

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