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  • City of Heilongjiang province black river and cloth of metropolis of city of Russia A solemn Er pull Ge Weishen Si Ke city lies between Jiang Xiangwang, black bayou bank is carriage approx cost of fencing per panel space of Heilongjiang catchment and Russia city the closest, shut the port with highest efficiency, have goods of year of imports and exports 1.5 million tons,

    discrepancy condition personnel of 3 million person-time concern ability, the firm of Heilongjiang buoyancy tank that already built now and opens puts freight and passenger transport patio deck surface interlocking panels passageway on the ice, can realize the four seasons of black bayou bank to connect close, for black river development lumber machined course of study to offer advantaged condition.

    "The change of data of business of plank imports and exports, concern with economic situation of home, international. " in port, jin Lei says the chief of company of one lumber wood plastic wall cladding suppliers treatment that assembling a car in arrangement worker, china uses up big country as lumber, it is the country that forest natural resources is in short supply relatively at the same time, reside to importing the depend on sb or sth for existence of lumber to spend do not fall high.