the stone to be protected

  • Since the stone needs to be maintained, some processing enterprises and consumers will be wax on the surface of the stone to be protected, but when the wax covered in the stone surface, the stone surface of wooden plastic composite supplier uae the pores will be blocked, the second maintenance, the existence of stone The surface of the wax will become the protection of infiltration of stone inside the obstacles, then, between the stone and the ground between the cement or adhesive will be because of moisture or chemical reaction slowly "invade" the stone body, resulting in stone back to the alkali and stains Lesion.

    This "surface article" not only can not cure cheap exterior floor tile Australia the stone lesions, but also make the disease worse, which is also a stone disease of another "pollution path." Stone beauty (conservation) is a new industry in the past two years, usually through the use of professional curing agent to achieve the role of conservation of stone. Curing agent has a very high penetration, can penetrate into the stone finishes 3 to 5 cm, the formation of crystal solid wpc decking price clogging fine holes, play a protective role.

    According to Zhang introduced, factory care is the inevitable trend of the development of China's stone industry, such as Kai Yue and some other large companies in the stone after processing have a set of protective measures, compared to the construction of the stone after the maintenance of stone before use, by the factory The flow of water can be processed on the stone can notWood Plastic Tongue Groove Decking - Seven Trust be processed after the six sides of the stone to protect the treatment effect will be significantly better than the pavement and then maintenance.