Compared with the clothing

  • They may not know much about should be, or even know it.Today's should be is a high-scale, powerful and very bright-looking enterprise.Should be wood, this area of 200 mu of factory is located in Shantou city of Lian xia zhen, has passed a full 10 spring and autumn.

    Carrying a lot of bitter and brilliant.The office and the production areas are strictly distinguished from the center with security guards.Compared with the clothing and toy industry workshop, the workshop here is much bigger, about 6000 m2.In such an area of the workshop, there are 9, flitch plate, molding, furniture, the division of work, the division of labor is clear.

    All the workshops are not idle, and workers are at work.The channel in the production area is parked in the container, and there are often vans in and out of the door.

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