their own floor to do the quality

  • This year just put the standard out, and the brand to do the work of breeding. My report ends here.Solid wood flooring gap is too large agents manufacturers compensation in October last year, Mr. Liu in B & Q Fuan shop to spend 7,000 yuan to buy the blessing of solid wood flooring. In January this year, B & Q construction staff responsible for paving the floor,

    Mr. Liu that the floor gap is too large. B & Q customer service department manager Wang Jing Liu to do their own floor to do the quality of testing. Mr. Liu spent 860 yuan in the city furniture product quality supervision and inspection station to do a test, the test results show the width of the floor, assembled from the seam,

    assembled height difference three values ??do not meet national standards. But B & Q Fuan shop does not recognize the test results, but to Mr. Liu to provide a "wooden floor laying side acceptance norms." The company's national after-sales service manager Mr. Shang said that only open the floor of the packaging, can be used as a model for inspection.

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