marble generally contain impurities

  • In addition to marble generally contain impurities, the main ingredient for the calcium carbonate, in the atmosphere by the carbon dioxide, sulfide, water vapor and other effects, easy to dissolve, loss of surface gloss and weathering, cracking, so in addition to a few, such as white marble, Ai Yeqing Pure, impurity less stable and durable varieties can be used for outdoor, other wood deck over slanted concrete slab varieties should not be used for outdoor, generally only used for interior decoration.

    And because the marble is in the hard slate, the hardness of the plate is low, such as the use of the ground, polished easy to lose, so as not as possible to use the marble plate on the ground. Due to the high price of marble plate, is a high-grade decorative materials, commonly used in hotels, exhibition halls, theaters, shopping cheap composite flower box for sale uk malls. Airports, railway stations and other public buildings of the interior walls, cylindrical, railings, windowsill plate, service table and other parts.

    There is also a high degree of decoration of the residential marble floor with a living floor of the floor decoration, it is noble and elegant. But in the residential decoration rarely made of marble plate wall decoration, mainly because the wall decoration marble construction technology requirements are high. In addition, can also produce a variety of marble ornaments, such as murals, screen, seat screen, hanging screen, wall, etc. for indoor outdoor block fence panels decoration decoration, can also be used to fight the flower pots and mosaic high hardwood carved furniture.