wood floor

  • Such as the kitchen, bathroom, gas burning, cooking soot, heaters for the shower system shall produce large amounts of CO2, NO2, SO2, PM10, halogenated hydrocarbons, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic pollutants; Mousse, hair spray kind of hair beauty products, air fresheners, cleaning agents, pesticides, etc.

    Can sometimes produce toxic or other harmful chemical gases. At present, the wood floor of household decoration is mainly composed of solid wood floor, Ming mu solid wood floor, reinforced composite floor, wood-wood floor.Bamboo wood floor as a new decorative floor in the family decoration is less applied, generally speaking of the wood floor before three kinds of common.

    In the existing building materials market in Guangzhou, made of solid wood flooring products, there is a small amount of import products; Ming number of real wood floor of wood for the products of the joint venture; And more intensive composite floor for imported products.

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