maintenance work of mahogany furniture

  • products, some master the technical essentials of wooden production enterprises, they not only on the condition of high temperature and high humidity climate and even worse environment have in-depth research on prevention. Second: pay attention to the thickness of the door, the door is not the more light the better, the appropriate thickness of the door is 42mm-65mm, so that the door is not easy to

    deformation. Third: to pay attention to the material of the wooden door, can be used to knock to listen to the sound, the sound of good wood texture. Fourth: to pay attention to the wooden doors on the painting process, a good painting process feel good, shiny, uniform color, its strength and luster can be comparable to the car's metal paint. Fifth: at the time of purchase to ask whether it is solid wood

    composite or solid wood. Look at the small share with you the doors of summer maintenance knowledge, I believe you know how to do the maintenance work of the doors of wet summer already! If you want to know more doors of maintenance knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Furniture for a long time, can not be separated from the usual care. Mahogany furniture is

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    non maintenance garden bench
    balcony outdoor deck and stair kits