possibility of mutual concealment and deceive

  • the construction sector and quality supervision departments are flat sector, respectively, only responsible for the company, while the two departments and contain each other. If there is a project quality problems, the Ministry of Construction and the Department of Supervision to be punished at the same time, because it is not on the subordinate relationship, so it will avoid the possibility of mutual concealment and deceive the owners.

    But for the poor small decoration company, it is inevitable that there will be no supervision and even supervision and construction of a sector of the phenomenon, so the two sides together to deceive the consumer's phenomenon will occur. For consumers, the choice of brand decoration company to a certain extent, can avoid the dual role of supervision.

    call the supervision of the market is difficult to call the third party construction site management, project quality checks, project schedule management, are inseparable from the project supervision, but the real sense of the company is very small. Reporters learned from the relevant departments, Xi'an City, the registered home improvement company less than 10, and the normal operation of the qualified home improvement company less than five.

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