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  • Project kind the product uses entire industry catenary to run, opposite at trader of other contest mark, the price is more favourable. Advocate battalion product includes a variety of window kind, prevent steel structure of window of door of touchhole, guard against theft, steel qualitative door, aluminium alloy door, colour to wait for example, still but stair of household of project of form a complete set of custom-built furniture, life, system, floor, real wood, more a variety of musical instrument equipment wait. Promoting wooden industry standard to fall " Demufu " the brand is the Chengdu City well-known trademark of famous label, China, obtain " industry of Chinese wood door 30 strong " honorary title.

    Industry of door of company dedicated wood 30 years, ceaseless get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh. Be judged early or late award to mix: Chinese wood door 20 old brands, have investment value most door of wood of 20 old brands, China before pop chart of brand of door of 30 strong, wood 3, the multinomial honor such as product of building materials of environmental protection of green of well-known trademark of demonstrative unit of class of AAA of national building materials, China, country.

    The production of door enterprise manages wood to be belonged to mostly custom-built turn production, after expanding certain scope, produce and produce can bottleneck often can restrict an enterprise to be done further do greatly strong. At present the industry is existing generally enterprise dimensions slants quality of not tall, product stabilizes efficiency of small, production not quite wait for a characteristic.

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