and the physical deviation

  • designer's design drawings, we see the furniture is not the color, and now the color of the surface of the furniture is also more obvious. These are the decoration of the company's trick, the use of cheap materials, and the physical deviation is also completed on the grounds. Supervision opinion: the construction of the material selection of   in accordance with the provisions of the good furniture surface

    should be no obvious color difference, and with the design drawings of color, style consistent. To do furniture, the use of solid wood paste decoration, the house will choose the most close to the design drawings of the style, and in the construction of the attention will have a clear color of the material, so as not to affect the results.   Part3: check the fine quality of work is the principle of good style, and

    then look gorgeous, if the lack of fine workmanship, the finished product is not satisfactory results. Therefore, the key is to check carpentry production work, meticulous workmanship, edge, surface treatment is not to be underestimated. Common problems: woodworking cabinets are not rigorous   most of the time we will be completed after the appearance of the manufactured goods by what it

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