consider the floor problem

  • Without the guidance of scientific forestry policy theory, it is impossible to have correct forestry decision - making.Now on the fast-growing is good or bad to comb the main reason is that people not take this line, designated in the prison of wood, This is also the fast-growing from the main root was seen as the only way out of the forest.

    In addition, one of the reasons is the result of a herd mentality thought disorder, the last several ten years doing fast indeed, there are a number of countries, such as Italy, made of poplar, followed by China.

    If we were to consider the problem from the angle of sociology and psychology, You can find some other reason, As politicians pursue the political achievement, scientific research workers in the pursuit of results, the pursuit of economic benefits of forestry enterprises, it is the normal state of mind to lure people to commit blindly decision-making mistakes.

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