the overall moisture

  • Home, furniture should pay attention to the overall moisture content of moisture and moisture times, we will understand that a single piece of goods moisture, but each family is a lot of items, to concentrate on each one has a greater degree of difficulty. {TodayHot} In this case, do the home environment of the moisture protection, can play a multiplier effect. Moreover, the overall moisture buy decking board in Australia of the family, but also help to improve the comfort of life. Timely window to resist moisture, ventilation correct in the wet weather, open the window so many families feel very contradictory.

    Window, in case of outdoor humidity higher, it is easy to put a lot of moisture into the home. Do not open it, people can not ventilation in the room, but also very uncomfortable. In fact, even in composite decking retaining walls the rainy season, the window is also necessary.The problem is how to open the window, when the window is the most appropriate.

    Professionals told reporters. In high humidity weather, the window should be: the south or south-east direction, that is, the wind direction of the doors and windows closed, only open the wind direction of the doors and windows to reduce the water vapor into the room. South wind blowing the most humid air, can not get the furniture moldy. When the weather turns fine, you can open all doors and windows to speed up the evaporation of water. But noon outside the air humidity at the highest value, should not be window, should be in the afternoon or evening, the climate is relatively dry when buy outdoor composite panels the window adjustment. In addition, the north side of the window should also pay attention to the window {HotTag} and the distance between the north building, if the distance is too close, will be the South to reflect the air back.