the window time

  • So it is appropriate to reduce the window time. Moisture measures: desiccant dehumidification indoor space how to keep dry and comfortable is a big problem, especially for the home of different

    materials of furniture. Furniture, when the purchase of a lot of money, if there is no reasonable maintenance of furniture caused by a sharp shortened life, it is a pity.

    Metal, cortex, solid wood such materials are "severely affected by the corner", in particular the need for targeted special care. For leather furniture, the excessive moisture will lead to rapid aging of leather, so the home has leather furniture, the best in the dust, the surface of the wiping of special

    maintenance mink oil, sheep oil

    leather oil, so that not only soften the cortex, Can also be moisture-proof and mildew; metal furniture should always use a damp cloth and soft detergent scrub, try not to use in humid environment, and pay attention to waterproof moisture, such as wet weather is best to use a dry rag for cleaning. Today, many solid wood furniture in the factory after a rigorous drying process, but this does not mean that can not be moisture. To deal with wood furniture on the water

    droplets, can be dipped in a dry cloth on the special wood furniture cleaning agents, such cleaning agents in the wood furniture surface to form a protective film, to a certain extent, to prevent water vapor into the interior of wood furniture.