course of study

  • beijing Xin Huamu course of study limited company, beijing annals becomes wooden line of business the company of 16 timber estate such as limited company, and with respect to Sun Lou policy of street capital attraction and action business environment made detailed introduction. Have company of two timber estate and Sun Lou at present street reach initial investment intent to enter area of garden of the course of study that be stationed in wood.

    Next, sun Lou is street will hold to " the project is king " principle, do work of good capital attraction hammer and tongs. It is to do the further communication work that talks about a project fortunately, arranging communication and liaison of channel of person specially assigned for a task is, force closes to successful autograph arranges the project.

    2 it is to do what build a project fortunately to dog servive routine, hurried project at an early date put into production is used, create social benefit. 3 it is to had been done already signed the be born that arranges a project to work, strengthen harmonious butt joint, for project start working construction creates a condition.

    "most economical wood for outdoor deck,mold resistant wood shavings board,diy clad decking on walls"